The curse of Ny-Ålesund.

Ny-Ålesund is a beautiful place where one gets to know so many people. But that means also that one has to say goodbye all the time. And that sucks. Especially if the nicest person in town, @crazysvalbardfoxlady is leaving. So Christelle, this post is for you ❤️ And yes, I am crying while writing this. See you soon 😘

AN ODE TO CHRISTELLE. With just a few pictures.

Last week in the beautiful cabin of Daerten with two beautiful people 🙂
At the cabin of Nilsebu on April 14th. Christelle and Hildago <3
Catching auroras in Gasebu in the beginning of February. There were no auroras.
Ugly sweaters during the ugly sweater party in December 2021
Enjoying the sun in front of the Blue House in the first corona summer, 2020.

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