Photo blog: Winter blizzards

Last week Tuesday and Wednesday were two stormy days. Just going out for dinner felt like an expedition. In the darkness, with snow blowing in the face, barely seeing anything. Your hands getting cold after two seconds without gloves. Driving a car suddenly became quite challenging too. Although it is still getting sort of light during noon (and it will be for a few more days on the day of writing), the stormy weather made the day seem dark the whole time. But: it was also fun. Being collectively stuck inside because being outside is just, well, very unconfortable, is kinda cosy (for now still at least). And it did yield some cool pictures: the AWIPEV observatory covered in a coat of white fluffy snow, Goupil snowed in, and people in the storm in the flashlights of big machines.

Expedition service building: Hunting dinner.
Expedition Kongsfjordhallen: On the way to the popular science talk on Tuesday evening.
The Blue House at around 11 a.m. on Tuesday the 2nd of November.
The AWIPEV observatory in camouflage.
A scientific instrument making images of snowflakes, looking a bit creepy with its green light.


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