Photo blog: A cabin trip around the Brøgger peninsula

A planned trip of 15 km turned into 35 km. Two weekends ago, we hiked on a Friday evening over the Brøgger glacier towards the southern part of the peninsula, staying the night in the cabin “Daerten”. The original plan was to stay the Saturday at the cabin and relax and to hike back on Sunday. However, a bad weather forecast for Sunday made it not so attractive to cross the glacier again. Instead, we walked around the peninsula, staying a night in the seasick cabin “Kjaersvika”, in which everything is slightly tilted. Walking around the peninsula was technically not difficult – it was mostly flat – but did not become boring at all. Wide views, green seas of moss, a halo around the sun and plenty of reindeers made the hike a big pleasure. Just as the company, both during the hike as well as in the cabins. Bathing in the sea, vibrational snorring, fresh pancakes, unexpected periods and good pasta made the stay how it was. It was sensational, vibrational, inspirational, menstruational and motivational <3

The hike around the peninsula.
Crossing the glacier I
Crossing the glacier II
A view on Engelskbukta and the glacier “Comfortless”.
Picture by Gregory Tran. The dreamteam in front of the cabin Daerten.
Saturday hike in beautiful weather.
A halo around the sun and Greg posing as if he is Jesus.
Moss all over the place.
Wide wide landscapes.
The seasick cabin Kjaersvika.
The last part of the hike on Sunday. Back in Kongsfjorden again.

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