Arctic Thoughts: Surviving

When navigating close to the glacier last week, a big chunk of ice broke off and fell in the water. This impressive force of nature made me feel small and vulnerable. A sensation that I experience more often when living over here. The cold water that will kill you very quickly in case you fall in it without wearing a survival suit. The steep and rough mountain sides that you cannot climb without special equipment. The polar bear that you could meet and that could kill you, if you would not have a flare gun and a rifle. We only survive here because of the technology we, as humankind, developed. We are so depending on what humanity did and made already. So depending on oil, so depending on the labour of other people from the both the Global South and the Global North. Living here in the Arctic is not that difficult for us with permanent heating, plenty of food and Gore-Tex technology. We are just a bunch of wealthy people living in Ny-Ålesund without having to worry about surviving too much.

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