Arctic Report: Cargo ship the Norbjørn

The Norbjørn is the main cargo ship delivering foods and goods to Ny-Ålesund. It just arrived last night. A big highlight, because the last time it arrived was in early May. Two months later, we are now very happy to have fresh fruits and vegetables again. STRAWBERRIES, ORANGES, APPLES, TOMATOES, CUCUMBER, SALAT, MJAM.

The main port of the Norbjørn is in Longyearbyen and usually it travels between Tromsø, Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund. Anything that has to be shipped by boat to Ny-Ålesund, thus first has to go to Tromsø. The institution sending up their stuff need to take care of this traject towards Tromsø themselves. AWI for example organises the transport of most containers via the port of Rotterdam towards Tromsø, although sometimes it might go by truck too.

If you want to follow the Norbjørn, just have a look on Marine Traffic:

See you next time, Norbjørn!

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